who we are

What is Labbit?

Labbit is an interactive community-building & lifestyle rewards hybrid mobile application platform.

Earning attractive rewards is meant to be easy. However, you do not always need to spend to earn, and that’s why we’re here!

We’ve pulled Labbit out of the hat and changed the game with our “Save & Earn” deals.

Answer quizzes and surveys and read interesting articles while on the go and you can earn even more!

Start Hopping now!

We know that there are many rewards app that you may use on your phone hence, we don’t want to compete with them, but instead complement them, TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE REWARDING:

  • You can do QUIZZES, SURVEYS and read ARTICLES to earn carrots!

  • You can CLAIM AND ENJOY DEALS by our participating merchants, listed on other apps.

  • Use ANY PREFERRED PAYMENT METHODS required for the deal listed on the other app.

  • Scan the purchased receipt into our app and RECEIVE CARROTS.