Labbit Grand Draw FAQs

Q1: How do I qualify for the draw?
A: You will need to perform any one of the following qualifying transactions during the campaign period in order to earn chances for the draw.

  1. Every successful referral to join Labbit = 1 chance
  2. News flash: Stay tuned to our Instagram/ Facebook/ Xiaohongshu as we will drop special promo codes every now and then! Each successful promo code redemption = 1 chance
  3. Redeem 1 chance with every 5,000 carrots!
  4. Every successful receipt submission from our participating merchants = 1 to 10 chances (number of chances depend on merchant’s outlet)

Q2: Must I be a Labbit user to join this Grand Draw?
A: This Grand Draw is open to all new and existing Labbit users!

Q3: What if I forgot to submit my receipts after making my purchase and only submit it after a week?
A: The receipt of the purchase from participating merchants must be submitted within 24 hours to be deemed as an eligible participation during our campaign period from 08 Dec 2023 to 31 Jan 2024.

Q4: Which category should I submit my receipts under to participate in this Grand Draw?
A:  Kindly submit eligible receipts under ‘All Other Merchants’ to participate. Only valid and eligible receipts within the Grand Draw period will be counted as eligible. All other receipts will be rejected.

Q5: If I purchased something with this brand previously, is it counted?
A: The purchase will only be deemed as an eligible participation during our campaign period from 08 Dec 2023 to 31 Jan 2024.

Q6: Will I be notified of the number of chances that I am qualified for?
A: The chances computation will only be completed at the end of the Grand Draw on 31st Jan 2024, 23:59 hr. Only winners will be notified and announced on our social media and through the Labbit app. We will be holding a Live Draw. The link will be announced on our social media and through the Labbit app.

Q7: What happens if my referee forgets to input my Referral Code?
A: We are unable to manually key in or edit for you as this will affect the integrity of the Draw. Do remind your referee to key in your Referral code when they sign up.

Q8: How many times can I use the promo code?
A: Each user can only redeem each unique promo code once.

Q9: How long does it take for the receipts to be cleared?
A: We have set aside a team of 10 to clear all receipts meant for this campaign. We envision to clear all participating receipts within 14 working days from submission. Please be rest assured that as long as the purchase is within the campaign period, you will be eligible for the Grand Draw.

Q10: How many promo code will there be each time?
A: The number of promo code will not be disclosed and it will be limited so do stay tune to our socials

Q11: How many times can I redeem a chance with my carrots?
A:  Unlimited times as long as you have sufficient carrots during this campaign period.

Q12. When will promo code be released?
A: It will be released at random intervals so do stay tune to our socials

Q13: Is there a limited number of referrals one user can go about?
A: No, there’s no limit to the number of referees a user can refers. Do note that, to be counted as a successful referral, the referee needs to complete at least 1 activity.